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Custom Gentool Hotkey

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# 1-ExiLe` Oct 2 2019, 19:02 PM
Hey Xezon,

So I got a small keyboard that doesn't have the numeric and home/end buttons etc. So I gotta press the windows button, then type 'keyboard' to search and open the digital keyboard, then click insert. I've always done it like this but it's very annoying and doesn't even work in fullscreen mode cause this will bring you to desktop.

For the next version release, would it be possible to implement a feature in the cfg config to change the hotkey of opening GT?

Would be very convenient for the users without a full sized keyboard or specific laptops etc.

Would be appreciated so much!

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-ExiLe`   Custom Gentool Hotkey   Oct 2 2019, 19:02 PM
xezon   That won't happen for the next version but it ...   Oct 2 2019, 22:50 PM

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