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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Single Day 1v1 Tournament 14th October 2018

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# 1Fitton Sep 30 2018, 07:35 AM
Format: 1v1 Single Elimination Patch: 1.09 Platform: Game Ranger

Date: Sunday 14th October 2018 Time: 13:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Match Rules: 1000 Starting Resources; 1x Command Point Factor; No Custom Heroes.

Map Pool: All competitive 1v1 maps.
If both players are unable to decide on a map then the default map is Fords of Isen 2.

Registration: (Closes at 00:00 (GMT) 14th October 2018)
As per usual players must have their Game Ranger ID and the name they want to play with posted in this thread.
Game Ranger and Registration names must both be the same. You will be disqualified if not.

Check the Challonge site for your opponents with the link provided once the registration period has closed.

Link: https://challonge.com/BFME21v114thOctober2018

Tournament Admin(s):
Fitton (GR ID:6613371)

Player Info:
1.) Ahwehawe (GR ID:8481427)
2.) HitMachine=;D (GR ID:9457452)
3.) dU|YodA` (GR ID:bfmeyoda)
4.) [RECON]Halet (GR ID:6731670)
5.) ArCh4Ng3L (GR ID:1219921)

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 2Fitton Sep 30 2018, 07:36 AM
A game is an uninterrupted play session and is a component of a match. The time from when a game starts with a fortress and two builders to where the "Victorious" or "Defeated" screen comes up is considered a game. Games come in sets of 3 to form matches.

The tournament will be seeded according to the rankings in the thread linked below.
Tournament Rankings

Match Organisation
It is down to each player to find out their opponent using Challonge, contact them (player details are in the post above) and get their matches under way.

Everyone must be online at 13:00 (GMT) sharp. Players have 10 minutes to get started with their games. Players who do not show or who are still afk by 13:10 (GMT) will be disqualified and their opponents will progress to the next round of the tournament. After each match players are granted a 5 minute break followed by a further 10 minutes to get their next match under way.

Players host one game each and if needed the deciding game is played on a neutral host, agreed upon by both players. If both players are unable to agree, they will be designated one by a tournament admin.

Please save all replays. In the event of both players disagreeing upon the result of their game, replay evidence will be needed to determine the winner. Lack of this will result in the game being replayed.

Replays should be uploaded into the 1.09 Replay section. Make sure to tag your replay titles with [14October2018] [Player A] vs [Player B] Game #.

Winners should post the results of their matches in this thread. Contested results will be decided by one or more tournament admins.

Unfortunate Circumstances
If OOS’s, disconnections and other things of that nature occur before the 10 minute mark of a game then unless both players agree on a winner the game will be replayed. But if one player feels they had a clear enough advantage (80% chance of winning or more) then they can challenge the 'replay the match' rule. Said player will provide a replay. If a tournament admin agrees, then said player will get the win.

After the 10 minute mark a game cannot be replayed and so a decision will have to be made regarding the winner of the game. If both players are unable to decide on a winner then the final decision will be given by one or more tournament admins.

In the unlikely event of two players being unable to connect to each other through Game Ranger then both players will play a tournament admin in 1 game each and said tournament admin will decide who is to advance to the next round of the tournament.

Cheating and Bug Abuse
There is zero tolerance regarding any and all forms of cheating and bug abuse.

Observers in general are not allowed excluding neutral hosts. A match streamer is allowed but only if both players do not object.

To End
Please adhere to these rules and guidelines to help create an enjoyable tournament that doesn’t last too long.
This tournament is purely for fun. Remember that!

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 3Imperialist Sep 30 2018, 09:55 AM
Damn, I unfortunately cant cry.gifcry.gifcry.gifcry.gifcry.gifcry.gifcry.gifcry.gif

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 4Ahwehawe Sep 30 2018, 11:31 AM
8481427 Ahwehawe

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# 5HitMachinee Sep 30 2018, 11:32 AM
9457452 HitMachine=;D

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# 6YodA` Sep 30 2018, 18:02 PM
I am in gr id : bfmeyoda

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 7Halet Oct 1 2018, 15:33 PM
[RECON]Halet !
id : 6731670

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth

# 8ArCh4Ng3L Oct 7 2018, 09:03 AM

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 9FinrodNarmolanya Oct 7 2018, 12:53 PM
Where is top10 players when u need them?

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 10Fitton Oct 14 2018, 00:29 AM
Brackets are up.

Not so many participants so it should be a quick tournament.

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 11Fitton Oct 14 2018, 14:39 PM
ArCh4Ng3L won the tournament. Congratulations to him.

It's a shame about the lack of players. But it can't be helped.


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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2


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