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Upgrading PBs

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# 1Xenith Jan 30 2010, 23:16 PM
Aside from the upgrades to get new units or the obvious ones like caves, I rarely see upped buildings. I'm starting to up my buildings a lot more now though, though I've found some just aren't worth it. Here's what I'm thinking so far:

Raxs: Rank 3 is great and both ups are great, but stopping the spam for that long is pretty damaging. Usually I only up when I'm hitting my CP limit.

Elven rax: Ofc the rank 2 to get Mirks, but after that I always go for 3 as soon as possible. You get extra health, buildtime, and an arrow tower for less than a structural arrow.

Elven stables: I'll upgrade as soon as I'm not building lancers. Less important to spam lancers then inf and both ups are really cheap, so why not. The rank 3 one is the same as the Elven rax one except even cheaper. Rape.

HoW: Almost never do it. I find that you just can't afford to stop spamming units long enough to get to rank 3 in most cases.

Orc pits: Yea, no. Just build more for less money.

Harad palaces: Almost never see these upgraded, and yet they're my favorite buildings to up. Structural arrow on level 2, and fire arrow on rank 3, and both ups are less than a fort tower. I prefer building a new harad palace and upping it to building fort towers tbh if I don't need structural immediately. It gives you a backup PB, a tower away from the fort where it can't be taken out by a PP as easily as fort towers, and it's more damaging/more resilient.

Caves: Well no duh, mass rank 3 caves are seriously OP.

Uruk pit: Usually don't go to rank 3, just a buildtime boost and a bit more health isn't usually worth it I find. Only if I'm cashfloating.

Warg pit: Same as Elves tables. Rank 3 upgrade is great.

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# 2angelsfan Jan 31 2010, 00:19 AM
I actually do prefer upgrading your Hall of Warriors. Once you get two pumping out units and are approaching your CP limit just upgrade them one at a time. The build time increase is really noticable, especially in mirrors.

I also like to upgrade my pb's by my fort if I know my opponent is going for earthquake or something similar to increase the odds of having them survive.

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# 3Crabby Lobster Jan 31 2010, 01:44 AM
I up my PBs quite frequently actually. It's not cost-effective in comparison to just building more PBs though.

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# 4jondea Jun 29 2010, 14:45 PM
I love upping HoWs because they become insanely tough, interesting ideas. My rule is that if its 150 of 2 and 350 for 3 ill do it and others require a little more thought. I never really thought of it as a more resilient arrow tower but I guess your right.

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# 5Aberrance` Jul 3 2010, 17:07 PM

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