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Supreme Commander 2


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# 1Deathpr Jun 19 2013, 07:58 AM
Hello to all supcom2 players and fans Deathpr here joining the coalition hope to read from y'all soon peace!
P.S. xbox player my comp is fried any tips on best pc to play the game with? No alienWare plz.

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Game: Supreme Commander 2

# 2Birk Jun 23 2013, 00:42 AM
Welcome! Feel free to ask around if you have any questions.

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Game: Supreme Commander

# 3redarrow7216 Jul 24 2013, 20:55 PM
Any standard medium spec'd pc (+- 800 euro's) should be able to run supcom 2 nowadays.

Not sure what results you want to achieve.

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Game: Supreme Commander 2


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