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Rise of the Witch King

bring back gorkill aerial scorpion sting?

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# 1Achilles the Mad Apr 12 2021, 07:54 AM
Well, as some might know, morgul blades and gorkills sting used to work on nazguls and eagles and drogoth
Nowadays, they don't. Which is fine for morguls, but for Gorkill it's sad.
Gorkill used to be able to sting flyers, from atop his scorpion, and not at any moment no, only when they stoop low enough, then u can aim them and as they fly up he would sting them, dealing quite a lot of damage actually, nearly half hp gone from a flier, which waas great for Goblins.

Asides from the fact that goblin archers have almost no protection from trample, they deal literally zero damage to fliers, being the shittiest archer in the game - and still costing a hefty 250- and spider riders also costing a hefty sum -it's quite hard to micro goblins vs a flyers game. Besides huge battles going on, one powerpoint or quick flank or any other quick move can take out your archers or injuring your riders, leaving u exposed and dead prey to flyers unless u spammed towers, which I've seen Solas do multiple times, and towers go down late game quite fast too...

A nice touch was getting a gorkill to take a flyers half hp out. One might say - but drogoth can fight eagle - but drogoth a) costs 5k vs the eagles 1k, b)dies vs mirkwoods like a fly (while eagle yawns at goblin archers)

Basically just saying the gorkill sting was nice touch vs flyers, even 70% would be fair I think dmgwise(combined with poison effect). I can even image a scorpion tail stinging a flyer stooping down for it, as those tails are super quick in real life too!

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# 2Feanor Apr 13 2021, 05:18 AM
drogoth a) costs 5k vs the eagles 1k

Ah yes the early game Eagle rush for only 1k.

This has been discussed on Discord for a million times. Goblins have a hard time dealing with flyers yes.

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