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Air Strike

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# 1xFactor Sep 26 2007, 21:49 PM
[h1]Air Strike[/h1]
26 September, 2007

The Air Strike is a fairly effective tool for destroying fortifications and extremely effective in destroying enemy units especially armor and support units. The Air Strike has a twenty second deploy time which makes it difficult to hit moving armor or support but is incredibly good for destroying vehicles which are fortifying a command point because it will also destroy the fortifications if any are completed.

IPB Image

The Air Strike can be combined with other Airdrop Tactical aid to quickly clear and capture a command point which can save you in very tight spots during games.

IPB Image

The Air Strike packs a strong punch for a rather low Tactical Aid cost and is extremely effective if you use two or three at one time. If placed properly you can even destroy two or three fortifications if they have been constructed. This can also be used against garrisoned infantry but does not guarantee destruction of the building but if placed well it can destroy or severely damage the building.

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