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School or University as you worldly people like to call it

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# 1BaLL_ Dec 2 2010, 23:12 PM
is really cutting into my Starcraft 2 time. It's unfortunate, I would love to be spamming games these last few weeks but i'm busy as hell. It sucks.

Just complaining and letting SC2 people know where I'm at..lock down getting shit done.

I will be back to sc2 as soon as possible, probably play this weekend. But for now i'm writing bullshit papers in my theme classes, Environmental horseshit. No it's not my major but at my school we have to pick a theme and i picked the environmental one like a fucktard. Papers filled with bullshit gota love it!

These environment classes have done the opposite and made me give a fuck less.


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# 2-Netput Sep 1 2019, 13:02 PM

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