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Heavy Air Support

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# 1xFactor Oct 13 2007, 05:19 AM
[h1]Heavy Air Support[/h1]

In Today's Tip of the Day we will learn what the best uses of the Heavy Air Support TA are, and remind you about this highly under used Tactical Aid Strike. This Tactical Aid strike deals huge amounts of damage to ground units in the target zone over a fairly long period of time. A series of four air strikes are called in that deploy air to ground missiles and destroys generally four to five units per strike. This Tactical Aid is very useful in Assault where units tend to be bunched up since the strike zone for this tactical aid is not huge.

IPB Image

Although this Tactical Aid strike is forgotten a well placed Heavy Air Support strike can do an awesome job of destroying a large onslaught of heavy tanks or ground vehicles. I mentioned before that it was very effective in Assault. If a large amount of enemy ground units are guarding a particular point and you need to guarantee that they are destroyed the Heavy Air Support Strike is just the Tactical Aid for the job. Overall this is about the second most destructive Tactical Aid for destroying ground units second to only the Tactical Nuclear Strike.

IPB Image

Remember it is important that you do not place your Tactical Aid strikes where the enemy is now but where they will be when the strike itself is delivered. For this particular strike try to place it where you can best determine where the enemy units will be. This strike is a selective strike and will not damage any of your own units.

By: Ang3lic

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# 2andysfile Oct 14 2007, 02:54 AM
I don't usually use this since it never hits anything and costs 30 TA but after reading this tip I put it on some Heavy AA and tanks that were trying to capture the second Dome point. There was a friendly Heavy Tank on the point as well. I wasn't watching when it happened but when I looked back everything but two badly damaged heavy tanks were left happy.gif

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# 3Jack The Ripper Oct 14 2007, 03:32 AM
good tip i do use this often in assualt maps but i would give it numb 3 after Carpet Bomb and Nuke

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