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Slán leat [Goodbye for now!]

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# 1Danku Mar 5 2021, 07:04 AM
I wanted to let the community know that I am putting forward my resignation from staff from the end of this month. I'll be tidying up lose ends between now and then so feel free to reach out if you've any outstanding issues. Edvin & Khano of course are still around and active!

My main goal with joining GameReplays staff was to help foster the competitive scene for C&C Tiberian Dawn Remastered which I think has been a resounding success. It's been fantastic seeing how welcoming GameReplays has been of the C&C Remastered community - and I hope they continue providing tournaments and similar engaging events for us all.

I'll still be around on Discord & the GR Forums on occasion (and now that I'm not staff you may even see me participate in a couple tournaments again!).

I'd also point out that GR are always on the lookout for staff members to contribute so if you're interested be sure to check out this topic -> https://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...owtopic=1033911

See you on the battlefield commanders!

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