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This game typifies my frustration with PE-USA matchup

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# 1regnar1194 Feb 22 2013, 04:18 AM
This game goes like so many others, whenever you gain an early advantage against USA 99 times out of 100 he will resort to blobbing up his units surrounded by elite units like airborne or rangers, and PE can do nearly nothing about it. Can't tell you how many times I have heard make AC's against airborne or Rangers and the RR's or bazooks will phase thru them, but what u dont mention is the damage they will take from the massed BAR's and everything else. Against this blob AC's did shit and nearly always do shit, late game I lost control and lost infantry units but its just out of frustation of seeing this formula in so many games and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

Crazy when you hear so many USA players bitch about PE being OP, I just have to laugh, if they are so OP how come you dont see them played in tourneys, losing the game, blob up go airborne and insta win almost always

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# 2GiveMeABreak Feb 22 2013, 08:59 AM
That was like a bulletproof strat, except he got bars, making the blob EVEN more deadly. But then he is choosing to have no AT what so ever (maybe stickies).

A quick hertzer would have done damage to the blob, or hotches. My standard play vs USA now is not to even build T3, just go T4, ATHT then MHT if motorpool, otherwise just straight to hotches.

Hotches kite very well, are quick, resiliant to anything inf have appart from RR, but you can kite easily. And the cherry is being able to get a stuka or two, which lets face it, on map arty is the true counter to blobs whatever faction you are playing.

I love playing with ATHT, Hotch and Hertzer because in combo they deal with early armour nicely, but more importantly they all do damage to inf (unlike marder) and are no where near as fragile as an AC (except ATHT, but even then thats usually at the back). At the moment I 5 PG into 2IHT, then T4 + Hertzer. For me this is very stable, gives good early presence and map control, and leads nicely into tanks which are resilient to blobs and cause critical hits. Then his obvious counter is ATG, and I ussually build a MHT at the same time (plus stukas).

His strat was almost all or nothing, because one good hit on the blob and it makes your life very easy. I got super lucky yesterday when my hotch shot at a big blob charging, just as it past over a Tellar, thing went off and killed over 10 men.

Part of bulletproof is early triage, because it negates a lot of the damage the ACs have done, meanwhile as you know, the blob can finish off ACs. Hotches, Hertzers and ATHT all cause critical hits, hence negating his early triagge smile.gif

If you do go ACs, dont engage the rifles in cover, esspecially if they have BARS (this happened at a critical time for you). Just sit out of range so as soon as they leave cover you rape them. Problem with AC is unless you keep scouting base, you dont know if you should keep investing in more inf and ACs, or as you did (incorrectly), teck to ATHT.

Thats why I like T4, unless you see/know an M8 is comming you go straight to hotches, but you can always pump an ATHT out in an emergency, unlike if you go AC heavy.

Also I dont agree that he lost the early game, it took you 6 mins to get any real fuel, he had good map control for 10 mins at least and you lost an early ket. Not like you pwned him early.

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