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PCGamer Mag: The PC Gamer Top 100

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# 1dukejason Sep 16 2019, 16:57 PM
After thirteen years Company of Heroes moves up a few to rank 33 in the PC Gamer top 100 all time list. This article was released in Aug 2019. Tom and Fraser from PCGamer magazine have given our beloved games some awesome praise:

Tom:"Our favourite RTS has climbed a few places this year because we remembered how much we like RTS games. Itís a quiet era for the genre but Company of Heroes still delivers. The two core factions are beautifully designed and balanced. The destructible maps still feel novel, and there are some classic missions in the singleplayer campaign that stand up to repeat play. Itís aged a little visually, but the sound design is still remarkable. Explosions rarely have this sense of crunching impact, and the way gunfire distorts as you sweep across the battlefield is perfect."

Fraser: "The best Band of Brothers game, and one of the last big leaps for the genre. More than a decade on, itís still a bold blockbuster of an RTS."

Original Article:https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/the-pc-gamer-top...WlFw44hBdz32mZc

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