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Tip of the Week #37: Guerilla Gear

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# 1William Judd Dec 11 2010, 01:25 AM
Discuss M26's TOTW here smile.gif

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# 2Ender_Graff Dec 11 2010, 04:51 AM
Freakin Awesome biggrin.gif
I like a Recon with an M14 just to get the motion mines to better plan ambushes.
I also normally play with a buddy who is an assualt if I use this kit. If no buddy, I just play as an assault myself smile.gif

Also, Recon or Assault with the Tommy gun can be fun since it forces you to use flanking and cover alot; leading to further confusion to the enemy.

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# 3Falls Dec 12 2010, 12:01 PM
Great article. The M14 setup is one of my personal favorites. I've gotten guerilla warfare down to a science on 'White Pass'. It's a huge help for your team if you are constantly in the enemies' rear areas. Even if you don't kill heaps of people, by simply denying your enemy the use of their vehicles through C4 traps and ambushes, you can give your team a very decisive advantage.

Great read. smile.gif

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# 4Justin2142 Feb 10 2011, 05:01 AM
First off, this is a great article. However, I would like to add my own little class to it.

In the recent Vietnam expansion pack, the assault class cannot equip TNT(The c4 of Vietnam). This is because the grenade launcher is not part of the assault rifle, so if you equip the m1 garand for example, you still have to have the m79. This is why we need a new Vietnam Guerilla Gear class. Hope you guys enjoy mine:

First, you start off with the recon class. Why? Because it has TNT, and the Recon class is currently the only way to get TNT. You want TNT because it can take down vehicles, and you can use it to make traps.

Next, I move on to the primary weapon slot. In this slot, depending on the situation, I pick the Thompson or the M1 garand. Why? Because the Thompson can really kick some tail at close and medium range, if you get the hang of it. I can't use the garand effectively at close range, so I only use it at longer ranges. However, if you have mastered the M14 from the vanilla bad company 2, you will probably feel right at home with the M1 garand.

Next slot: The side arm slot. Truth be told, throw in either side arm here. Its all personal preference.

Now, for specializations. I always pick lightweight and magnum ammo. Lightweight because it really helps to run fast in Vietnam. I use it to get close to tanks faster to put TNT on them, to run to cover faster, etc. Magnum ammo is my other choice because it make the Thompson a much, much better weapon at medium range.

As for vehicle specializations, I prefer the armor specialization. Why? Because in Vietnam, I've found that engineers have more cover than usual, even more so in village type areas. This can take down your oh so precious tank in a short amount of time. The armor specialization helps fight this.

I like to call it a "Commando" class. I made it to be as versatile as possible while staying effective. Hope you guys enjoy it. Haha hopefully this little guide makes sense wink.gif

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# 5dizzy Feb 21 2011, 22:40 PM
I know this is a few weeks ago, but the link in the OP leads to Guerrilla Tactics, not gear. smile.gif

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# 6Justin2142 Aug 14 2011, 01:39 AM
QUOTE(dizzy @ Feb 21 2011, 22:40 PM) *

I know this is a few weeks ago, but the link in the OP leads to Guerrilla Tactics, not gear. smile.gif

Your right. But the link in the article Tip of the Week #37: Guerilla Gear asks you to share your classes at the bottom. And the link on that article leads here wink.gif

Sorry, I'm a little new here, I'm just explaining how I did no wrong. Lol.

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