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Battle for Middle Earth


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# 1MythvMight Oct 13 2019, 19:50 PM
I have decide to get back in 2v2 QM with new and old pro's on 106

We will take it from there and see what happens biggrin.gif

Myth: u foool
gahvin: ?
Myth: get back into 2v2 qm
Myth: so i can beat u there yes
gahvin: theres no 106 2v2 qm players left
gahvin: they all went to 109
gahvin: or left bfmew
Myth: in ur mind
gahvin: ?
Myth: i post topic now
gahvin: what were anon and shanks talking to you about yesterday?
gahvin: when i joined i saw u said something about talking to alan
Myth: it was about u join our league
Myth: i post
gahvin: it was about me?
Myth: yep
gahvin: what did they say
Myth: I am Sam I am bfme m8
Myth: they said
Myth: pla with Sa
Myth: m
Myth: i ppst brb
gahvin: what lol
gahvin: what did shanks say
Myth: Play with Sam
Myth: is what he said
gahvin: anything else?

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth


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