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# 1atomicamp Sep 1 2018, 15:14 PM
I am trying to get my camera height to 610 but when it set it in the options.ini file (in documents) as well as Zero Hour/Data/INI folder, my camera height settings dont change at all when using gentool. I am using 38402160 resolution and it still only give me about a 350-400 camera height. Is there a way to change this while using gen-tool?

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# 2xezon Sep 1 2018, 19:11 PM
I assume you want to set 610 in single player, right? Then the answer is in the other topic.

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# 3Jundiyy Sep 3 2018, 00:21 AM
If it's your own map, or playing a mission/skirmish, you could try editing it in world builder, add a script to zoom out, but not sure how far the zoom will go before Gentool stops it.

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