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Thank you for navigating to this page. GameReplays is 100% free and always will be; however, we do offer all members the option to purchase a subscription to gain access to additional benefits. The benefits of a GR subscription are available to all registered members of GameReplays for only $20/year (yes, $20 for the entire year). The benefits include:
  1. No advertising
  2. Wider forums
  3. No flood control when posting in forums
  4. Larger private message storage space
(Check out the screenshots on the right to see what the site will look like)

"Well gee, that sounds awesome. Where the hell do I sign up?" you ask? Just below this message! Once you register an account on GR, you will automatically be given a FREE 2 week trial, and from there you'll be able to purchase a monthly or a yearly subscription if you want to. If you don't, no worries, your account will remain active and 100% free to use. You will merely loose the benefits listed above, everything else will remain the same.

Your purchase will not only give you the benefits listed above, but it will help fund our development of brand new features, as well as a platform that lets anyone use GameReplays technology to build their own gaming community!

So if you're interested, sign up below and your two week trial will begin immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us. :)


The GameReplays Team

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