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# 1war-ops Mar 27 2017, 23:30 PM
I often hear players say you can't build tanks if you go infantry doctrine with Americans, as if infantry doctrine somehow weds you to building nothing but infantry-related units.

But where is the logic in that? Ultimately, COH is about the effective use of combined arms and counters and sometimes a situation calls for tanks. To suggest you cannot build tanks because you went infantry doctrine makes no sense. Tanks exist for a reason and that reason does not suddenly disappear just because your chosen focus is infantry. The point of choosing infantry doctrine is to strengthen your infantry tactics, not to eliminate the need for tanks.

This is especially true when your opponent is putting out a lot of armor of their own. Even a giant mob of rangers will have a hard time taking out late game armor, especially if they're supported by anti-infantry armor like Ostwinds. So you need to have SOME AT that isn't infantry based, like AT guns or tank destroyers. The reason for this is simple. Tanks can take damage without costing you any resources whereas infantry generally cannot. If a pair of tank destroyers manages to kill a German tank, you can just repair the damage. Conversely, if a pair of ranger squads kill a German tank, it's likely they lost a few guys in the process forcing you to retreat them and reinforce them at cost. So in many situations, tanks are just more practical, even if you've chosen a non-tank doctrine. Of course, tanks can be destroyed and misused and managed poorly, but that's on the player.

So please don't be one of these people who says you can't use this or that unit merely because your doctrine is related to a different type or class of units. All the units in the game exist for a reason and as long as the situation calls for that unit, it shouldn't really matter what doctrine you chose.

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# 2remosu37 Apr 13 2017, 02:18 AM
Kinda surprising that attitude is a thing. I've played this game since it came out, and was part of the early COH community. At higher level play (top 200), mixing armor and Inf doctrine is a standard counter to T2 based Wehr strategies.

Here's a typical BO vs. T2:

2-engie start
'nades (vs. MG based Wehr strategies, not vs. volk/sniper spam)
(Cap Med/High Muni if extra MP)
Supply depot
Tank Depot
(On-map Arty - once you hae 5 CP)
SD Upgrade 1

For infantry doctrine for the "fast Sherman" build, the key is to go straight down Arty tree. Don't waste CP for fast deployment or rangers till you get Off-map arty vs. T2.

Early on, spam mines to press and protect your advantage with defensive operations for Rifles. Rifles gain XP when killing units via mines, so whenever possible, have your rifles rather than Engies lay mines--altho an engie-mine is better than no mine at all. Mine are your friend--leaving a bit of wire on a path and laying a mine on 1 or both ends can be a good way to hit units too--you can spam little bits of wire in random spots to freak out your opponent at times too.

As an aside, against ANY sniper based Wehr strategy, getting mines down on chokepoints (particularly places snipers may retreat over) is REALLY important. 50-60% of my sniper kills are probably with mines.

Once your Sherman hits the board, T2 is HEAVILY reliant on Pak to counter early Sherman. You can easily swarm with infantry or pick off Shrek-Grens with Shermans. Save your munis, so you have 150 muni as your sherman hits the board (225 for 75 Muni for MG upgrade is even better, but not crucial).

The first PAK you encounter, you blow the hell out of it with off-map arty. After that, if you've been spamming mines and doing normal bits of combat, you're usually already hitting 5CPs for On-Map Arty. Immediately get your engies working on it. I like to set Cntl-3 to on-map arty so I can quickly select it without needing to scroll back to my base--and any time you encouter PAKs, now you have on-map arty to quickly knock it out.

This strategy is DEADLY when executed well vs. T2 strategies particularly T2 Defensive, where the player tries to set up a med bunker and turtle. The on-map arty can pound the crap out of the enemy defenses, and it will take a LONG time for a wehr player to reach T4 for a tank-based counter to your sherman's dominance.

It is NOT effective against good Volks spam - T3 strategies--you are better off with BARS vs. solely Volks related spam. Nades are just really good at taking out MGs, which are the lynchpin of the Wehr defense in any MG based BO. But good Wehr players will just dodge 'nades.

Also, onmap/offmap arty is mostly just a counter to PAK38s. It is NOT effective vs. Volksspam --> T3 based strats, so if you see hordes of Volks and no Grens or medbunker, you're probably better off going AB. If you're not getting Arty, imho, there's really not much reason to go Infantry Doctrine.

I"m pretty consistently a top 200 player, generally seomwhere between the high 100s, up to about #60 or so, US rank. Fwiw.

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