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Battle for Middle Earth

1v1 Mines of Moria Tournament Week #2

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# 1YodA` Jan 21 2018, 11:19 AM
BFME I 1vs1 Mines of Moria Tournament Week #2

Format: 4 players 1vs1 Double Elimination Tournament with best of 1 in loser bracket
Patch: 1.06
Platform: GameRanger, T3A Server
Period: 27 of January
Start time: 14:00 GMT

Weekly money tournaments? Now you have it!

Hello everyone and welcome into Mines of Moria Tournament. It is a weekly tournament with 20$ for a winner, thanks to Mr.Balrog101
Rules. I post them here.
Match Rules:
  1. All games of the winner bracket are best of 3,
  2. All games of the losser bracket are best of 1,
  3. All games must be catch on stream,

You can pick whatever you want (a faction or random). You can play each kind of map from the list only once per round

1v1 Maps:

1v1 Maps
Druwaith Laur
Eastern Rohan
Fangorn Forest
Northen Ithilien
Southern Ithilien
West Emnet

The on-host player must pick the map. The 3rd (or 5th) match (if one is necessary) will be played on Ford of Isen and on Neutral Host

Match Organisation: We are going to start at 14:00 GMT time so check out if you are able to be there for sure.
It is up to each player to find out their opponent using Challonge , contact them (referring to the Sign-Up & Tracking Topic) and get their matches under way. Is important for us track the capability of a player to find his opponent.

Refrees and Organizers will judge who should proceed to the next round if 2 players are unable to play each other.

However, the Tournament Winner Award, Tournament Participation Award.
Replays: Please save all replays for the tournament and upload them in the Replays Section with an appropriate title: (I.e. "XvsY Tournament Name [Round]"). If you fail to do so, you may be asked to re-play your games. All decisions will be made by Referees or Organizers. Worst of cases you could be eliminated from tourney.

Registration: (Closes at 16:00 (GMT) 26 January 2018)
You must post your Game Ranger ID and paypal e-mail if you got one in the topic below.
For first week players are going to be choosen by round robin at least for week 1 and the result of this will be posted in Video section by me, also players will be in groups so medium players will play with medium players and pro once with pros.

If you have any questions, please contact the Refrees or Organizers:
YodA` - ID: 842116

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# 2sadixov Jan 21 2018, 11:46 AM
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# 3ketis Jan 21 2018, 12:53 PM
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