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Load gentool as another .dll?

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# 1Rupurudu! Jun 11 2018, 00:35 AM
I recently started playing C&C Generals again after a long time. During this time, I got a new laptop. (with "switchable graphics/hybrid graphics/optimus")

I was having big FPS drops on the game with this new laptop and found out only DirectX 9 or newer can be run on Optimus card, older DirectX games run only on HD Graphics.

After looking for a solution for days, I found out d3d8to9. It basically converts DirectX 8 games to DirectX 9 by replacing game's DirectX library. (d3d8.dll)

But for some reason, GenTool uses the same .dll file, so I can't use both d3d8to9 and GenTool.

Is there any way to load both .dll files? Or can we change GenTool to use another .dll file instead?

Or maybe GenTool can integrate d3d8to9. It's source code is available on GitHub with BSD license.

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# 2xezon Jun 11 2018, 09:47 AM
Hello. Thanks for this info. I am currently not actively developing gentool, but i think this could be an easy change, where gentool would load the d3d8to9 dll instead of the system dll. Alternatively you could also try to place your d3d8 in system32 (effectively replacing the original)

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