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Generals, watching replays fast

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# 1lionengine Aug 29 2014, 00:57 AM
Hello Gamereplays community,

I wanted to share some knowledge with you. It is about watching replays with fast speed. So the people who do the replay reviewing and analysing for mh, might save a little time with this trick.

There are 3 parameters that determine how fast your speed will be.

1. Have you played an online game already since starting the game?
2. How much did u set the FPS-Limit in Gentool?
3. Have you disabled a fps-limit in your options.ini or your shortcut commandline?

There are several possibilities what constellations are possible. But to keep this little post interesting, i will only introduce the procedure on how to make the replay fast playing. And how to make it even faster playing (depending on your computer performance)

For the fast play - do the following:

Simply add the following term in the commandline in Generals:
Attached Image

Now if you want to have even faster replay speed. You additionally need to disable the fps limit in gentool:
Attached Image

The limiting factor will now be the performance of your computer. With good computers you can do a mh-check real fast.
For question feel free to send pm.

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