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# 1Rdklgrunt Jan 29 2017, 17:25 PM
Good day everyone.

I'm new here, bought coh1 a little while ago and while there's plenty of quality mods, none of them reached the level of realism i was looking for. I know many people think extreme realism and gameplay don't get along but i think otherway, and i'm goin to try to prove it. Don't know if it's a bit late to make a mod for coh1 but if people are interested im willing to keep going with the project, right now i have the Americans and Wehrmacht almost finished.

I'm goin to list the a number of features that are already implemented, or at least partially implemented.

-Slower paced.
-Extremely tactical.
-Armour and penetration values as well as vehicle characteristic based on real models.
-Extremely high deadlibility, you're goin to lose squads or vehicles all the time.
-Reworked critical sistem for vehicles and infantry, grenades can detrack tanks....
-Most units can one-shoot each others, infantry can be one-shoot by bullets, tanks by big guns.
-Increased most weapon ranges. Especially noticiable on infantry.
-Cover doesn't reduce damage but accuracy only.
-Tanks provide mobile heavy cover for infantry.
-Positioning is of the utmost importance, bad moves can usually lead to instant squads or vehicle wipes....
-Reworked economy and tiers. You're gonna be able to buy far more squads and vehicles, because you're goin to lose them more often....
-Increased max cap to 150, although to get to the limit you usually need all the points in a map. It's mostly a placeholder, and i will probably reduce it to 100.
-Increased rosters.
-Default camera zoom is now farther.

Here i made Video for as a teaser while i update the post with more detailed information.


I'm goin to explain the most important feature of the mod.


In this mod most units have the same ammount of hp, if we take infantry for example, all of them have 5 hp, but different tolerance to bullets. It's the chance the different infantry classes, infantry, elite infantry and heroic infantry have to be one-shooted. The m1 carbine for the riflemen have a base damage of 2-4, Let's check it's critical stats.

It's green and yellow criticals for infantry are as follow: 20% soldier killed, 20% soldier wounded, 60% no critical. it's red criticals are as follow: 50% soldier killed and 50% wounded. From this you can see the the riflemen have a 40% chance of one-shoot any infantry they it. Against Elite infantry it's chance of one-shoot them is 30% and against heroic infantry it's 20%. As you can see highter tier infantry have better chance of withstand wounds, but all they have the same amount of hp.

In the case of vehicles the sistem is very similar, vehicles have 3 different amounts of hp depending on their size: jeeps and bikes have 30hp, halftracks and armoured car have 60 hp and tanks have 90 hp

The m4 sherman main gun have a base damage of 30-60, if we check it's green and yellow criticals against armour we'll find this: 10% destroy main gun, 10% destroy secondary weapon, 10% make wreck, 10% out of control, 60% no critical. It's red criticals are as follow: 50% make wreck 50% out of control. As you can see they have a 20% chance of one-shoot other vehicles that classified as ''armoured''.

But what happens if we check its critical against tp_vehicle? (armoured cars...) We find this: 10% destroy main gun, 10% destroy secondary weapon, 30% make wreck, 30% out of control, 20% no critical. We can see an m4 sherman have a 60% chance of one-shoot an sdkfz 234 or an m8 greyhound. Same happens with tp_armour_elite, later tier tanks usually classify as this. Those usually have guns that have 60% chance of one-shoot tp_armour or inferior vehicles. Mod revolve around this for all the units and vehicles. This means that even an m4 sherman have a 20% chance of one-shoot a tiger for example, provide they can penetrate it.


I've reworked the economy to accustom it to matches with many more squad-vehicle wipes. The key changes are as follow:

- Base manpower at start is a bit less. Start at +200. Base ammunition and fuel is +15.
- Resource points give more income.

IPB Image

- Securing the territory Doubles the income.

IPB Image

- Upkeep completely removed.
- Averagely if you control half the points in a map your manpower income will be around +400, fuel and ammo around +75.

IPB Image

American key changes

- Most important thing is the supply yard now house all the american upgrades.
- ''Level 1 production'' and ''level 2 prodction'' doesn't longer reduce the upkeep, (because there's no upkeep) instead it's the way they advance in tech. Similarly to the way wehrmacht improve it's HQ to advance in tech.

IPB Image

-Rangers available at barracks, required level 1 production

IPB Image

-M1 57mm available at support weapons, required level 1 production

IPB Image

-Motor pool, required level 1 production. Create: m3 halftrack, m8 greyhound, m4 sherman, M4 Crocodile Sherman and m10 wolverine.

IPB Image

-Tank depot, required level 2 production. Create: m18 hellcat and m26 pershing.

IPB Image

Wehrmacht key changes

-Assault phase removed. There's only the skirmish phase and the battle phase.
-Officers moved to the HQ. Require skirmish phase.

IPB Image

-Grenadiers moved to the Wehrmacht quarters, require skirmish phase.

IPB Image

-Krieg Barracks, require skirmish phase. Create: Stormtroopers, snipers, Knight cross holders (require battle phase), halftracks and pak 38 50mm guns.

IPB Image

-Sturm armoury, require skirmish phase. Create: sdkfz 234, ostwind flakpanzer, panzer IV, stug IV and neberwerfer rocket battery.

IPB Image

-Panzer command, require battle phase. Create: Geschutzwagen, panther, tiger.

IPB Image

I will keep updating it guys.

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