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Hero Showcase / Basic Guide : JUNKRAT

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# 1WombaTube Apr 18 2016, 11:19 AM
Hey Future-OW-Players,

i read a lot of comments where people stated that they watch some overwatch clips but they're not really familiar with the abilities and skills the different heroes have.

So for all of you who want to get a short info on every hero about the basic abilities + how you can use them in a matchup, i created the first clip of a new video series.

In those i'll go through the main abilities and skills.
But not just in theory, like you can read on the blizzardpage as well, i'll try to shorten it and show you some Situations where you can use them ingame.

Click here to be redirected to the Basic Guide in the GameReplays.Org-VideoSection.

I hope you enjoy these clips and maybe learn sth off it so you're prepared once the game launches.

I'd be very happy about a sub so i know if i should continue this series.

Have a great week,

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# 2RRcabal Apr 18 2016, 17:08 PM
Onyx should make an article about this. smile.gif

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