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Asian T.A replay videos!

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# 1Crayfish Feb 7 2011, 17:57 PM
Just found these high level T.A replay videos on this asian Youtube like site. Clearly high level stuff on all the classic maps like God of War, Painted Desert etc. The fact that this game was / is played at high level in far off corners of the globe is fantastic! I don't know what country this is, perhaps Korea?
If you have never seen high level T.A before, or just don't have T.A installed atm with replays from the TARDS site, they are well worth a watch.


epic game on 'The Pass' here:

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# 2TAG_Sensation Jul 5 2011, 07:01 AM
FYI the players in those tads are from all over the place, they just happen to be hosted on an asian site.

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