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Report Template + Sample Report

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# 1Echo Jul 8 2009, 01:01 AM
To ensure your report gets valid, this topic will showcase how your report should look like. Here's the set of rules to follow.

Title:Playername should be the player's full name(spelled correctly), and ReportType can be of the form DC, game crash, bug abuse, etc.
Bad Title: johnboi DCed on me again!!!
Good Title: JohnBoy213: DC

Copy-Paste this into your new thread to speed up the process:

[b]Red Alert 3 Name:[/b]
[b]Shattabrick profile:[/b]

Red Alert 3 Name: We need to know which of the players is the one you are accusing.
Shattabrick profile: Every player in Red Alert 3 is recorded on this website. We use it to gather important informations.
Reason: Name from what is the accused player guilty
Explanation: Make a short explanation of why you think he is guilty and describe what happened.

Also, make sure you have familiarized yourself with rules of what can and cannot be reported
and what is considered as Banned exploits

As indicated in the format above, your report will be most likely approved if you provide both a screenshot and a replay, as well as a detailed description of what happened. Your report may be rejected as invalid if there is not enough evidence to support your claim.

Example of Correct Report

RandomDisconnector: DC
Red Alert 3 Name: RandomDisconnector
Shattabrick profile: http://www.shatabrick.com/cco/ra3/index.ph...domDisconnector
Reason:Suspicious Disconnect
Explanation: I was playing RandomDisconnector and I managed to take out both of his Ore Collectors with Sickles and camp out his Barracks with a Terror Drone. He then said "GG" and waited until I started bringing Hammer Tanks into his base and then disconnected.

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