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Dawn of War 3

Battlebrothers, is anyone still out there?

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# 1Nanox_WTF Feb 16 2015, 18:29 PM
Brothers, I recently joined the fields of war again. Steam made it possible.

If anyone of u is still out there I shoud out to reinforce you, supporting me fighting in the Emperor's name against the heretics, reestablishing justice in the universe.

My Steam ID: Nanox_WTF

Would be awesome to see anyone one of you again, even though my request stays unheard, its worth a shot.
Dawn of War has always been an epic game, now its 4 years ago since we all played together. Maybe we can have a little reunion!

While this call is gonna get spread out in the universe, I will stay my ground, serving the Emperor as good as I can.
The Raven Guards will never surrender hoping that other chapters my receive this message and come to support us on the fields of battle.

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# 2Kibatsu Feb 17 2015, 21:12 PM

Seems like it's time to put on my dust covered tactical dreadnought armor to unleash my Triple Hero build again.

My Steam ID: Kibatsu


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