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Moderation Policy in Clan Forums

It seems that some people think the clan forums don't have to follow the site rules.

They do.

If you flame/troll/power abuse then you will be warned and, if necessary, suspended. We are slightly more lenient as we know the inter-clan banter is basically harmless and pretty fun, but REAL flaming/trolling is not tolerated.

The clan forums are a privilege we offer, we can remove them at a stroke, I will do this. Please use the report post button if you see posts you think are breaking the site rules, a mod will check it out and report back to you, please DON'T spam reports - this will lead to you being suspended.

Common sense people, it's not hard.

If your clan has a problem with a particular member and would like them to be banned from entering your clan forum, please read the following.
  • Only clan leaders can make this request.
  • You need to make your request to Locutus, a Moderation Admin, or any global.
  • Think before you make this request, we will not reverse clan forum bans.

As always, use common sense with this and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact any Moderation Admin.
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