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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 Major Championship Final

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# 1LATINO Nov 14 2021, 22:00 PM
NORTH KINGS norway Oats & Yoshi sweden vs CZECHIA india Dunedain & Fishy czechrepublic 2-3

G1(NK HOST) (NK) Mordor Isengard vs Gondor Rohan (CZE)
G2 (CZE) Mordor Isengard vs Mordor Isengard (NK)
G3 (NK) Gondor Rohan vs Rohan Mordor (CZE)
G4 (CZE) Gondor Isengard vs Rohan Mordor (NK)
G5 (CZE SPOT) (CZE) Gondor Isengard vs Gondor Rohan (NK)

Good luck

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