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# 1-Sebra Sep 23 2010, 17:38 PM

Teamspeak 3

ip =
port = default (9987)

Don't have Teamspeak 3? Download it!!: Teamspeak 3 Download: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads


Ventrilo download: http://www.the-legion.net/WC/Ventrilo-3.0.4.exe
Ventrilo details
IP =
Port = 4371

Supreme Commander 2 Wikia

SupCom2 @ wikia

It is still under construction, but it would greatly benefit from your help.

We currently have a Complete Unit List, along with info, tips and data.

We also have articles on game concepts like Veterancy, Training, Research and Assist.

The wiki is under construction and missing some info, but maybe you can help? Or if you don't want to participate, you can still come down and read our fine articles. Information is Power.

Supreme Commander 2 Clans

Post your clan details here in order to get maximum exposure and prestige for your clan. In case you want to add your clan to the Clan listing on our portal, please provide all the details you want to share. In case you want your details edited, you can post here as well. It is advised to share the following details even though you are not limited to them and may share as much information as you want:
  • Clan Name:
  • Clan Leader:
  • Clan Website:
  • GameReplays Clan Forum:
  • Clan Banner:
  • Clan Information: (one to three short paragraphs)
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