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Act of Aggression

Chimera vs Cartel "The day after"

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# 1DaveHasslepoop Mar 13 2016, 16:50 PM
Hey fellas,

since a couple of days i got huge problems playing against Cartel, as Chimera, on the Map "the day after". Since the ressources are to far away, i cant just expand as i used to. He just blocks me down with superhinds and some of his rocket-boys. He basicly just snowballs me out of ressources.

But just today i heard from another player, that this map is basicly a "chimera-map"
Anybody got an idea why? =/

greetings from a desperate noob =/

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# 2atdsutm May 16 2016, 15:43 PM
Maybe because viper cartel rocketmen got nerfed?

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Game: Act of Aggression


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