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Clan Statute and Ethos

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# 1Maru Dec 27 2017, 19:45 PM

Clan Statute
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  • To provide a fun and welcoming place for Squad players, new and old, to congregate and play together.
  • Arsehole and Troll free zone.
  • All skill levels welcome, politeness and willingness to play as a team is encouraged.
  • All members should have a microphone. Tactics only work if everyone can communicate
  • New members are welcome, but must be accepted by all existing clan members. In reality, only rude or obnoxious people will be rejected.
  • Have fun! This is the most important guideline! A clan is nothing without fun.
  • Democratic system over hierarchy. This clan belongs to its members.
  • Grow the clan develop as a team, through optional training sessions.
  • Conduct ourselves in a professional manner while playing in our own server, and on other clan's servers. We represent the clan when wearing tags so we should be polite and friendly to each other and to other players and other server admins.
  • We should all follow the rules of our own server, and to follow the rules of which ever server we play on.
  • Members should attempt to be active in our server, discord and forums where possible. While we do not enforce a requirement on play time, activity is greatly appreciated. A clan does not exist without regular communication and activity at all levels.

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