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beacons? wtf?

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# 1comandante Jun 28 2013, 19:39 PM
if I press "B" my cursor changes and if I clic anywhere on the scrin then at right bottom apears a mesage: "the beacon was placed" or something else wacko.gif

I don't know what is a becon and their uses...

what I can do whith beacons? its a usefull or usless thing?

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# 2ToxicShock Oct 9 2013, 19:11 PM
The primary intended use of a beacon is to draw the attention of your team mates in a team game to something that is happening on the map. It is useful because your mate or mates can jump to that location, even if they are without radar, by pressing the space bar (just like one can with other events on the map). People also use them as a marker for themselves and, so I understand, to annoy or distract their opponents.

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