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Different Eras of KW History and Best Players in each Era

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# 1eXs.bikefan Feb 19 2020, 14:30 PM
I was thinking about the different eras for both TW & KW in their respective history but since the section of the former has barely any visitors, it's not even worth discussing. That leaves only KW to discuss.

Anyhow, I think KW history can be divided into 4 eras/time-spans.

I GameSpy Era - The Peak (March 24th, 2008 - March 24th, 2009)

Obviously, the game had the highest number of competitive players in its first months of release. This does not mean the following years did not have any competition, but I think we can agree that the first year was the peak in terms of competitive-player-count. At least I think Dimitri agrees on this, judging from some of his remarks. So I view the first year of the game's history as the first era.

II GameSpy Era - Post-Release (March 25th, 2009 - May 31st, 2014)

The second era is the remaining period until the GameSpy shutdown which happened on May 31st, 2014. I think the servers were up even for a few days in June, however, a few days here and there don't make any difference, so I took May 31st as ending date since that date is mentioned on Wikipedia.

III Post-GameSpy Era/GameReplays Era (June 1st, 2014 - March 24th, 2018)

The third era starts with the first day after the GameSpy shutdown and ends with the grand finale of the Decade Cup. In other words, it is the time span in which I deem GameReplays-hosted-and-supported events, in partnership with C&C Online, after the significant damage in player count caused by the GameSpy shutdown, as the main factor keeping the activity in Kane's Wrath up. Afterwards, due to external and internal factors, there have been (I think) no more GR-hosted KW tournaments, apart from a Redzone Rampage one, which leads me to the final era.

IV Post-GameReplays Era (March 25th, 2018 - Today)

In this time span, GameReplays has hosted barely any events for KW, due to internal and external factors.

The questions:

1) Do you agree with the division of KW history as above?
2) Who would you rate as the best player or players in each era?

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