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# 1djw2104 Apr 11 2014, 22:16 PM
Are you interested in giving back to the community? Do you know your way around Company of Heroes 2 and want to help others? Your opportunity is finally here: GameReplays.org is now recruiting Strategy Specialists, Writers and Replay Reviewers for the Company of Heroes 2 staff section.

Staff Member Benefits

As a staff member, you have more abilities than a regular user of GameReplays. Staff also receive benefits not available to the public. Some of these abilities and benefits include:
  • Shiny, new badge (as seen below)
  • No flood control
  • Larger inbox
  • Moderation powers
  • Promotion eligibility
Ultimately, staff members do more than help others. They also gain industry experience through their content generation and game expertise. Connections can be made by interviewing key players, potential participation in closed beta tests, and other exciting opportunities available exclusively to GameReplays staff!

Anyone who puts in time and consistent, quality work will be considered for senior positions among the Company of Heroes 2 staff. Senior staff requires more time, work, and responsibility than junior level positions, but provides authority and more rewards. Those who rise to the senior ranks are able to guide the section's direction and shape how GameReplays fits into the Company of Heroes community.

What is a Strategy Specialist?

Strategy Specialists have a host of duties to perform. They moderate the Company of Heroes 2 Strategy Discussion, listen to player concerns, help players perfect their strategies, answer player questions, and stimulate forum discussion.

IPB Image
IPB Image

Strategy Specialists also contribute to portal content by making gameplay guides, strategy guides, and tip of the weeks. Strategy Specialists are encouraged to play Company of Heroes 2 on a regular basis to not only enhance themselves, but also to learn every detail about the game. Saving and uploading replays for less experienced players is also suggested.

The ultimate goal of this position is help the community improve as a whole through education and demonstration.

What is a Replay Reviewer?

Replay Reviewers help players grow by watching replays and pointing out areas of improvement for everyone involved. A Replay Reviewer points out specific mistakes, how to correct them, and what to work on in the future.

This position is fulfilling not just because you're helping others, but also because it provides the opportunity to see how others play. By reviewing replays as a staff member, Replay Reviewers can tweak their own playing style based on the results of others.

IPB Image
IPB Image

This position is very important because of our origins as a website. GameReplays was founded on the idea of helping others improve their game through the posting and review of replays. While Replay Reviewers don't create content like Strategy Specialists, their sole focus is to respond to review requests and find suitable replays to review. Replay Reviewers also receive moderation rights and are expected to stimulate forum discussion.

What is a Writer?

Writers are responsible for many of the articles you see in our news section. They help keep us up to date with Relic's News. They can also give us interesting lessons on the history of the game and units within.

IPB Image
IPB Image

This position is vital in maintaining regular news updates on tournaments and ensuring they are up to scratch. Writers are the glue that keeps the section vibrant and keep us whirring with interesting facts and snippets.

Are there any applicant requirements?

All applicants must be active members of the GameReplays community with at least twenty posts. Those interested in either position should also be actively playing Company of Heroes 2. There's no age restriction for staff members, but all must exhibit exceptional professionalism and maturity. Remember, you represent GameReplays!

We don't expect our staff members to be expert players, but we do require everyone to be capable of creating content and meeting specific deadlines.

Other requirements include:
  • Decent grasp of the English language
  • Basic knowledge of Company of Heroes 2

How to Apply

Interested in becoming a staff member? Please send a PM to ScuttleShip with the position you're interested in the subject line. State why you think you'd be a good candidate in the message and you'll be contacted shortly thereafter.

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# 2ScuttleShip Jun 26 2014, 13:12 PM
This is still ongoing we would like to encourage people to apply. We are also accepting Artists. Any interest please PM me. The link is in the article above.

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