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Posted by: Francium Jan 16 2022, 08:20 AM


I am called francium on Game Replays but i would like to have my username to be changed to MaRs but it says its already used.

The other guy called mars was last active in 2006 as you see in this screenshot.

Since i am not seeing any active player called MaRs can you let me have that display name ?

(I am not requesting a login name change).

Thank you mods you all great

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Posted by: djw2104 Jan 16 2022, 15:02 PM

This may take some time as there are some display name permutations which contain your chosen display name and I will have to try to see what I can do to process this request.

Posted by: djw2104 Jan 17 2022, 13:36 PM

I have managed to process your name change request but it did require an awful lot of my "Admin Magic" to do this. smile.gif

Enjoy your new name, please note that only your display name has been changed as per the pinned guidelines, and have fun playing your chosen game.


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