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Is there any way to optimize my micro beyond what I'm already doing?!

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# 1jdlev Jul 5 2017, 07:36 AM
I play as PE 95% of the time. I think I'm relatively quick responding to battles.

I'm already doing all of the following pretty much as best I can:

1) Sometimes I'll use the group control feature, but that's typically rarely the case because it just get's way too confusing to manage, or you're sending squads in different directions anyways.
2) I queue up commands to move between points as fast as possible when not in battle.
3) I just ordered Zelotes C17 gaming mouse with 17 buttons instead of the 6 button wireless mouse I use now. Still, even on the 6 button, I've programmed the retreat and reinforcement buttons into the mouse.
4) I'm using FlakGrid keys so doing the majority of building related items is much faster.

When I get the new Zelotes mouse it allows you to program the buttons...is there a way to auto build units so I don't have to select, then build say a unit of grenadiers or build an upgrade? Maybe an autokey script floating around?

What technique do the pros use to micro?

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# 2Eclipse0527 Apr 16 2018, 17:02 PM
I know this is really late, but anyway, perhaps for others. I use greatgameforcoh, which has all the things you asked for. It's not hard to tweak it, so you can use all your mouse buttons as well.

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