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December ClanWars Results

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# 1RanDoM'L0L Dec 8 2011, 16:10 PM
Hey all BfME2'ers!

First of all, we would like to thank you for playing ClanWars last month. Considering it was Christmas, it was quite an active month. Congratulations to the clan '1.6' who won the clans gold and to ArCh4Ng3L who got the gold for best warrior! Congratulations Otto, very well deserved!

The top 10 clans were as follows:

IPB Image

The top 10 warriors were as follows:

IPB Image

First place was being held onto by the '1.6' clan for most of the last week, but other clans from the top five, did manage to reach it aswell (]oT[|, dU|, IAI and -BeeR!). In the last few days ]oT[| clan managed to jump over dU's second rank which was, in the end taken by -BeeR! clan. 1.6 kept the first position with around a 300 point lead over -BeeR!, who also managed to keep a 300 point lead over ]oT[| in third place.

During the month lots of players reached rank 1, but as the month went on, activity seemed to drop from some players, probably due to Christmas and New Year parties. ArCh4Ng3L aka Otto managed to take first place over ]oT[|Standard` and both of them had a big lead over third and fourth warriors. We should also congratulate Low|Turin, a RotWK player who finished up at fourth in BfME2 league. I hope you stay with us for next month!

We have had some very good activity recently since the EA servers were shut down. Last month was a fun month, I'd like to thank everyone for playing and I look forward to seeing you all playing this month!

Just a reminder, if you wish to participate in ClanWars, you will need the following:Also, if you are thinking of playing, I would recommend posting in the December Results topic, so you know who else to look out for, and they know you're playing.

If you have any trouble or queries, take a look at the ClanWars Complete Guide, and if that can't answer your question feel free to send a PM to me, Random. Happy new year, and I'll see you all in game!

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