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Map rotation on new Steam server

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# 1plongstocking May 1 2013, 18:22 PM
Is anyone else getting a disproportionate number of automatches on Beaux Lowlands on the new Steam server? More than half my games seem to be there.

Also, I suspect that when you choose to play a random faction the system is actually biased toward the two vanilla factions (which is fine by me).

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# 2niksa May 2 2013, 13:11 PM
yeah true lots of Beaux thease days,I was hoping they will add some semois 2 in the pool when steam server where on the
start but
that didnt heppen,and yes when u choose random u got only vanilla which is great for me too because i play only vanilla and before i cant random.

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# 3steelbucket May 20 2013, 14:40 PM
Don't mind beaux. Also seem to get a lot of semios and Ango so no real problems there.

However I normally play as random and I haven't played as a Brit or PE since it switched to steam. Its either wehr or Ami every time.

Also the automatch is all over the place. No idea if my opponent is going to be a first timer or previously lvl 16 or whatever.

Neither do I seem to be advancing even after racking up a string of wins.

And is it me or has the overall speed of the game slowed down. i.e capping rate and unit production rate?

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