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Command and Conquer 3

Dypl'Oo'docuS - DC - Valid

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# 1Ravanelli Jun 13 2018, 20:39 PM
Mixture3 disconnect again, its getting a habit so I report.
Getting worse then our old good friend Bomb1980.

Thnx for taking care of it.

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Attached File Mixture3_dc.CNC3Replay
Size: 385.11k
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Player Name Side Team
Mixtur3 1
BedBug 2
salamon 1
ThorMitHammer* 2

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# 2Police/AK Jun 15 2018, 10:33 AM
Hi, and thank you for reporting.

That was ranked 2 vs 2 game on (Redzone Rampage) (Tiberium Wars).
Mixtur3 and salamon VS BedBug and ThorMitHammer*

Mixtur3 aka Dypl'Oo'docuS tried to rush ThorMitHammer* and fail while ThorMitHammer* went big build and army
BedBug vs salamon it was a close approach between them.

at this point of the game team 1 had no chance to win the game since they lost a lot buildings and harvs and team 2 had a great army.
after that a disconnections happens and I'm gonna confirm this report as Team 1 had no way to win at that point of the disconnections.

Disconnect Valid! and thank you for reporting again.

As I found this reports Valid I had taken 50 points from Dypl'Oo'docuS (Team 1), and given 35 for each of ( BedBug and ThorMitHammer* )(Team 2).

for salamon aka Hook he left normally and points from shatta already had been token from him.

Dypl'Oo'docuS's Shatabrick Profile.
Dypl'Oo'docuS's Revora Profile.

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