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Battle for Middle Earth

Update about the BFME Patch matters

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# 21maxsmart Aug 4 2019, 18:06 PM
Seriusly guys,

"we are going to continue with 1.09 despite the opinion of the rest of the community, flaming people that don't share our view" and now are asking why the topic has been banned form the oficial forum?


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# 22Val` Aug 10 2019, 08:37 AM
Alright gents, after much discussion with all parties involved the beta forum has been reopened. Im not going to post about the semantics of it because its quite complex.

What I will say is that it has been reopened with certain conditions and one of those is that there wont be any tolerance for a repeat of the last behaviors. That applies to everyone especially devs. Any/everyone is welcome to participate.

I will also state that GR does not recognize this as either a patch, or an unofficial patch. It is very much a beta. What happens the next few months and beyond will determine if GR ever officially supports the project and a big part of that is community feedback.

Play nice and see you round. Thread closed.

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