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How to sponsor a tournament or showmatch

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# 1eXs.bikefan Apr 8 2020, 20:14 PM
As you most likely know, hosting tournaments for GameReplays supported games is one of the main goals of GameReplays staff. Ever since its founding, GameReplays has hosted hundreds of tournaments (prized and free ones alike) for numerous supported games. If you wish to support C&C Red Alert Remastered by donating money for a tournament or showmatch (a series between two players) this topic will provide you with all necessary information in one place.

How to sponsor a tournament

There are two ways to sponsor a tournament, which are explained below.

a) You can donate any amount of money you wish, preferably in USD, by clicking the button below:

Please do not donate until you have contacted an administrator and reached a final agreement on all details concerning the tournament you wish to sponsor.

When donating money through PayPal denote the tournament and game for which you are donating.

Do note that a fee will be subtracted from the money you donate to GameReplays through PayPal and that GameReplays pays out prize money to winners net of fees (which are usually 1,00-2,00 USD per transaction). A tournament sponsored in this way is considered a GameReplays supported event and it can be hosted (oganized) by either GameReplays staff themselves, tournament donator or both parties. "Hosting" entails making all necessary announcements and/or rules in preparation for the event as well as actually running the tournament - forming brackets, updating, solving potential disputes, announcing prize winners and so on.

b) Alternatively, you can sponsor a tournament without donating the money to GameReplays. In this case, it will be your responsibility to pay out the winners after the tournament is over, GameReplays staff will not be hosting (organizing) your tournament but you or people you choose and all announcements regarding your tournament on GameReplays will have an appropriate disclaimer. A tournament sponsored in this way is not considered a GameReplays supported event and in this case GameReplays is only a medium for advertising and possibly organizing your tournament (i.e. sign ups through GameReplays). GameReplays does not accept any liability in regards to paying out money prizes in case the donator does not pay out.

What you need to do

After deciding whether you prefer option a) or b) please contact GameReplays administrator ToxicShock. Your private message needs to contain following:

1) the game you wish to donate for (i.e. Tiberian Dawn Remastered, Red Alert Remastered etc.);
2) amount of money you wish to donate (preferably in USD);
3 whether you wish to send money to GameReplays and let us pay out winners (GameReplays supported event) or keep it and pay them out yourself after tournament is over (event not supported by GameReplays);
4) how the prize money should be split (i.e. first place 50 USD, second place 25 USD, one random participant 10 USD);
5) whether you wish to host the tournament personally or whether you wish GameReplays to host it (only applicable to GameReplays supported events - GameReplays staff does not host tournaments not supported by GameReplays).

Your private message can contain (optional):

1) tournament rules, only if you wish to set any custom rules;
2) a request to GameReplays to provide proof that prize winners have been paid out (only applicable to GameReplays supported events).

An administrator will respond to your private message as soon as possible and discuss with you all details regarding the tournament you wish to sponsor until a final agreement on all details, which includes an agreement on the party who is going to host the tournament and pay out the prize, has been made.

In case you are going to host the tournament personally (event not supported by GameReplays), you can proceed with preparations and use GameReplays as an advertising and organizing platform as soon as you get a permission from an administrator. In case of a GameReplays supported event the tournament will be hosted by either GameReplays staff, you or both parties, pursuant to agreement, as soon as prize money has been donated to GameReplays. Announcing your tournament may be postponed until the donation has been sent to GameReplays.

How to sponsor a showmatch

If you would like to see a showmatch (a series between certain players) all you need to do is make a forum topic and define rules and prize for the winners. In other words, compared to hosting tournaments the procedure is quite informal.

Do not donate any money for showmatches to GameReplays. It is your responsibility to pay out the money for showmatches and GameReplays does not accept any liability in regards to paying out showmatch winners.

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