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Help for new player!

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# 1AdamLallana Mar 3 2016, 15:33 PM
His game crashed upon start

I brought C&C 3 on Steam and downloaded C&C Online Launcher, so that I could play in multiplayer. I hooked C&C 3 to the launcher, as the guide explained. But whenever I launch the game and press Online in Multiplayer, from the game menu, the game freezes and becomes unresponsive. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I told him to

a) Update to 1.09

b) Disable firewall

c) Unhook, and rehook with game closed and re opened.

Any other tips guys?

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# 2Police/AK Mar 6 2016, 03:50 AM
yes this happen to me from time to time, it's because of my internet connections is slow sometimes.
when i restart my modem or remove it near the windows it fix the problem,
be sure that some isp blocking some ports that this game need to be started in this situation his only solution is to change his isp ask him to try another good WiFi or going to a friend house that
using another internet source.
I'm 90% sure this will solve the problem it happens to me before many times and even the format and installing a new fresh copy of windows didn't help.

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# 3ToxicShock Mar 19 2016, 16:35 PM
Can you get him to make a topic in the C&C:Online Support Forum? It would be easier all round if he did that. It would be far better if he posted himself as we could get more information about his internet connection that way.

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