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Posted by: SirCakealot Jun 25 2016, 22:34 PM

Timestamp : 13-Jun-2016
Location : HQ
Destination : Airforce Command Recruit Camp
Decrypion complete,
key : Yak-Strike


this is a top secret note for your military operations briefcase for later use. Study carefully, as our glorious soviet country may depend on your precise actions when the time comes.

Our military strategists have found a way to use our existing YAK-Fleet effectively for a dismatling airstrike on a small or developing target base. The enemy will be left unable to expand their infrastructure. The goal of this operation is to take out their MCV before a repair pad could be established, so that only light vehicles and infantry can be deployed by the opposing commander.

However, commander, YAKs are not cheap - at 1.350.000 each it is paramout to not loose any before the operation has finished! This also means you will have to prepare adequate supplies beforehand:
1. a field generator
2. two Refineries in quick succession
3. followed by a radar observation post and
4. two or three airstips
Save any other spending you can, especially for ground troops, as it will only delay the YAK-Strike and increase the risk of premature revelation.

Use the first YAK to scout the area (and the target MCV) and neutralize any ground troops you can safely pick off, especialy infantry. The goal is to reduce vision and disencourage scouting by enemy forces. Do not fly near the enemy base after locating the target to disencourage defense investment in static anti air emplacements.
With a fleet of five YAKs, the strike can commence. However it is strongly advised to use six YAKs since the loss of one YAK in a group of five is likely to cause a critical failed attempt. As the YAKs fly in from the side towards the MCV send one slightly ahead of the floc. This way a last minute mission abort is possible in case of Static AA fire.
As the YAKs dive in on the MCV pull back immediately after the first volley, lowering the risk of return fire. Take a turn to unload the rest of the ammunition.

One may think this is a very risky strategy. It is, but is widely unknown and has not been used against us, so the ambush factor is high.

There is the possibility to exit the scheme with only two YAKs and focus on taking out stray troops - but then there are rules which apply for general use of YAKs:

1. Never fly over the enemy base area, because of hidden emplacements that may suddely pop up causing a loss of equipment, which can't be easily replaced.
2. Don't engage a fight where you may loose yaks. To avoid damage, flying a circular pattern around the enemy is better than flying straight at them, because the pilot can pull back any time and outrun tracking missiles.
3. Destroy weak mobile anti air before other important targets.
4. If the opposition is overwhelming, YAK pilots may exit their planes and crash them into the enemy, but this sould be a last resort!

Here is some analytical data to supplement you, sorted by strategical value:

________3 ________|_Repair_Pad_|destroyed____
________1 ________|_Flak_truck_|Flak destroyed
________3 ________|_Refinery___|destroyed____
________2 ________|_Powerplant_|destroyed____
________5 ________|_Warfactory_|destroyed____
________3 ________|_Barracks___|destroyed____

There are variations to this strategy currently beeing evaluated, including mechanized grenadier squads in APCs in conjunction with YAKs or YAK use for designating targets for V2 artillery, but you should be able to fgure it out yourself, commander!

At your service,

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