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# 41Lando Feb 15 2017, 17:17 PM
Please take a look at this replay and tell me what I could have done differently in order to win.

What I gathered after the game was that I should have given up on the p4 and marder3 upgrades and instead upgraded my gren squads. Also I should have made a mortar sooner. I wasn't able to find any other ways to improve, so if anyone has an idea, please let me know!

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Attached File please_reviewr8gameminorversiongamemajorversiongameversion289.429425_080614_104154matchna.rec
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ozymandiz 1
Vit Lando 2

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# 42TuVieja Jul 25 2018, 19:14 PM
Hi there! Was playing vs US on Wrecked Train yesterday and was going very well into the mid-game. But when the transition time came i got my teeth kicked in. Was it the super late ACs? Was it the shittiest micro ever seen? Please, help me!

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Attached File asswhipr8gameminorversiongamemajorversiongameversion301.44802_022117_101254matchna.rec
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TuVieja 2

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