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# 1sleeping cloud Mar 22 2012, 10:08 AM
continued from this subject, because this post was not allowed outside of the mess hall. although you may say that all subject matter relative to this could be considered a "mess" i suppose..

sheesh, everyone just needs to calm down and accept the facts of regression, synthetic mind decay, ect.. i mean one may have been an 'expert' theoretically, hypothetically, truthfully, or imaginatively, and then along came mr. permanent marker that you just can't resist deeply sniffing in for hours at a time, getting ridiculously high, and killing all your brain cells. still a 'pro' in my book though. once upon a time, eternally written in stone, from which we measure past, present, and future. and the hope of things to come... as an earthquake occasionally shifting matter from somewhere unseen far below the surface, as a reminder to the oblivious, the careless, the disinterested, the preoccupied.... truth be told, all that is currently visible on the horizon is damned. energy spent by the living reanimates dead matter, this dark matter is invisible to the naked eye but has it's own gravitational pull, one would assume objects under it's influence are using energy of their own... the only time it ever
became visible was when a single particle of it erupted into what we know as the big bang.. this matter and energy you are composed of today, is not even your own, yet at the same time you attempt to call yourselves individuals, through which you rank andfile as though nature itself can not change the qualities and properties of any of it's contents at any time to whatever it desires. "the masters of time" are as good as overshadowed throughout the eternal span of time by what may have once occupied a nanosecond before vanishing without a trace. it is this illusion it's absence provides you with, that allows you to continue walking on two legs, that has you believe there is something worth living for, there is a reason why scientists never report observed phenomenon that disproves all the known "laws" of physics.

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