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new player needs help

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# 1oogliebooglie Jul 13 2012, 18:06 PM
I need some help with the strategy aspect of starcraft II. So here's some basic info about me:
-I've played CoH a lot of the past few years.
-I've also played sc1 a bit.
-I understand the basics like kiting, resource management, and etc.
-I have 0 understanding of the gameflow and popular strats.
-I have no idea about how timing works. I don't know when to attack, when to expect certain tech, and etc.
-So basically I have no idea about the strategy aspect of this game.

So i'd really like some basic pointers. I've started playing with protoss (they look cool) so I suppose faction specific advice would be great. The more detailed the better. Saying "build zealots until you have a sizeable force" is useless advice since I have no idea what a sizeable force is.

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