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Disbanding Units

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# 1Ang3lic Sep 22 2007, 19:16 PM
Disbanding Units
In this Tip of the day i will explain why and how to dis-ban your un-needed units. Disbanding units can be a very important tool in the game even though it is generally not used. The first major use of the disband function is if you want to change your unit type without feeding the enemy free points and rank. The second important use for the disband unit tool is if you are going to change teams, you should try and dis-ban the units as soon as you can (and not just wait for the auto-disband) because the more time you have to get your buy points back the sooner you can get your drop as your new role.
IPB Image-
The disband button is located on the same control bar as the mini-map, mega map and the change team buttons are on. In order to disband units you must select them and then press the disband button. *Note: This is permanent so do not do this unless your 100% sure*
IPB Image
Once you disband a particular unit two things happen. The tag for the unit which you have selected to disband gets filled in with red similar to when the units have the hold fire function on. The unit also begins flashing as you can kind of see in the previous screen shot. The disband function is very important when changing roles to help you micro your buy point reload time so that you can make a smooth and effective transmission to another role with bringing minimum loss to your team.
By: Ang3lic

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# 2Excelsis.hT Sep 23 2007, 04:22 AM
shortcut for that is Del, thats how i learned it.

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# 3Smart Jan 31 2008, 03:05 AM
nice tip.

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