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Getting to know your OverWatch Heroes: Tracer

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# 1Onyx Apr 10 2016, 06:19 AM
Discuss OneCabal^'s article about Tracer here!

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# 2RRcabal Apr 10 2016, 15:19 PM
Everyone is like super stocked about playing Tracer, that I just had to do an articl about her, now I see a few members' profile pictures with Tracer smile.gif

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# 3Onyx Apr 10 2016, 21:56 PM
You can definitely say I am one of them wub.gif

Thank you for this article Cabal! biggrin.gif

I'm loving the fact that it only takes 1 second to reload and that in general she is easy to play

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# 4WombaTube Apr 18 2016, 16:57 PM
Much respect for that well-created article!
And i can understand why people love tracer but i have to admit, i'm not one of them.
I just like them in my Crosshair when i play Hanzo and i get one of those impossible shots on the fastest character in the game *evil grin* biggrin.gif.

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