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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Game crashes/closes on some solo options

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# 1mouserd Sep 20 2021, 13:21 PM
When I choose either of the solo WAR OF THE RING or either GOOD or EVIL campaigns the game either crashes or does nothig further.
WAR OF THE RING: immediately closes/crashes?
GOOD or EVIL then difficulty: No response after clicking difficulty option?
SKIRMISH: Seems to work okay

I located the dump files but cant read them so I have no idea what I am doing wrong.
As other people are playing without issue I am taking it I have missed something and or have made a mistake.

Nvidia 1060 6G
Win10 64bit

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# 2SeñorEcthelion Oct 24 2021, 00:35 AM
Open the switcher and click the "single player" option for 1.09v2.

Then campaigns, war of the ring and custom heroes menues will work.

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2


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