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Supreme Commander 2

Wow this is unbeleivable

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# 1LYNK May 20 2011, 23:59 PM
Vint: to get a basketball maybe?
Vint: football?
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: really?
Vint: controller??
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: wow
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: a controller?
Vint: yes
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: what was i doing
Vint: u game nerd
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: with a controller
Vint: u hid
Vint: it
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: behind an equipment shed
Vint: yes
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: why would i hide it?
Vint: because you were afraid of robbers
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: behind an equipment shed
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: in the middle of the street?
Vint: ugh
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: wow
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: where do u live
Vint: not the concept
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: ????
Vint: USA
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: that happens
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: in the usa?
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: just in the middle of the street
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: a busy street
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: someone robs u?
Vint: noooo
Vint: i was being sarcastic
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: the usais weird
Vint: ugh
Vint: they dont
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: hmm
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: then why would
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: i hide it
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: behind the equipment store
Vint: u left to go to the groceries, and were afraid ur best friend was gonna do some clutzy move and burn ur house
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: OMG!
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: UR BEST FRIEND
Vint: (not really)
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: DOES THAT TYPE OF STUFF TO U?
Vint: NO
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: omg
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: u sure hes ur best friend?
Vint: EXAPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vint: not real sitch
Vint: uation
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: whats a not real sitch
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: and a exaple
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: and a uation
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: ?
Vint: iwas kidding around
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: omg
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: ex aple
Vint: just stick to football
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: iOMG
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: U ITCH THE EX APPLE!
Vint: o
Vint: Soccer=football
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: well
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: iv learned
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: a bit too much
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: about ur life today
Vint: nooo
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: ur best friends burns ur houses
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: u get robbed on the street
Vint: lol no way
Vint: lol NOO WAY
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: u hide controller
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: behind shed
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: for no reason
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: u itch apples
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: ^^
Vint: ahahahahaha
Vint: im laughing my head off
Vint: can.barely.type
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: watch out while ur posting this
Vint: ?
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: ur ex best friend may come along
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: and burn ur house
(MM) :: DaemonicSquirrel: while ur not looking
Vint: good thinking biggrin.gif

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Game: Supreme Commander 2

# 2DaemonicKnight May 21 2011, 00:06 AM
Lol u actually posted this ^^

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# 3TheWord May 21 2011, 00:07 AM
Moved to MH. smile.gif

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# 4LYNK May 21 2011, 15:42 PM
o yea, we have that

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# 5Keeper of the Seven Keys Dec 21 2011, 20:07 PM
I now pronouce you Mr. and squirrel troll. -________-

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