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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Patch 1.09 imbalance in Brutal Skirmish

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# 1Rei_natoO Jun 9 2020, 17:36 PM

I now know the 1.09 patch and I liked a lot of things, I felt an appeal in Brutal mode.

First, I played with Mordor vs Elves and realized that the elven army was much faster in production and also much more resistant against my army.

so I thought Mordor had made changes that made him weaker.

So I switched teams and went from Elves vs Mordor.
And then, I noticed that the same thing happened, but now Mordor was overpowering.

When I was in Mordor, the elven cavalry didn't die for nothing.
When I was with the elves, the cavalry even died for the archer.

Is it really like that in brutal mode?

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