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Heroes of Newerth

Most competitive MOBA DotA-style Game?

Which MOBA game has the highest competitive potential?
9.09% (2)
Defender of the Ancients (DotA)
50.00% (11)
36.36% (8)
Heroes of Newerth
4.55% (1)
League of Legends

Total Votes: 22
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# 21kustodian Apr 20 2012, 16:47 PM
QUOTE(Danelaan @ Apr 20 2012, 13:07 PM) *

I disagree, they have another advantage that comes from this "noob-friendly" aspect: it's way easier for them to have spectators, because they have a lot of players and it's easier to understand what happens in a competitive game for a LoL new player than for a HoN new player.

I disagree with this on both things. You need almost the same time to learn both HoN and LoL to be able to watch them and understand what is going on, but you do need a lot longer to learn to play HoN, than LoL. The concept is still the same, games are mostly differently from the micro part of the game, which is almost irrelevant for the spectators, since they can see what they are doing anyway. In both games you need to learn a lot of Heroes, Items, Roles... so there is not difference there.

On the other hand a game that rewords skill is a lot more fun to watch, especially since you can see that "skill" in action. Since LoL is a lot easier to play, the skill difference that you notices won't be that much different, which makes the game a lot less interesting for the viewers. We all watch professional sports because the skill difference between us and them is huge, if the pro players had similar skill level as the viewers, no one would watch it.

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 22Smash Jun 5 2012, 04:10 AM
QUOTE(kustodian @ Apr 19 2012, 23:51 PM) *

If we are looking at the engine only, than HoN has by far the best engine for a competitive game. It has best replays, awesome spectators system, responsive net code, reconnect, concede. Other two games are still behind it if we only look at the game engine.
This doesn't make the game more competitive or not. What makes a game competitive is even if it's easy to get into, the game needs to have enough dept so that better skill gives you an advantage. If the skill difference is high and the better player/team is winning by a small margin, that means the game has a problem and will never be competitive. Since LoL is an easier version of DotA, that automatically makes it less competitive, since you removed some part of the gameplay and with it depth and a potential skill differentiators.
Can't argue about the rest, but this probably isn't a problem with HoN and it's competitiveness. The biggest problem is that S2 stopped supporting the competitive scene for about 6 or more months, which meant almost all the best players/teams just left to play other games, mostly Dota 2. HoN has never had more people playing the game than now, so we can hardly say that the game is dying, it's opposite, it has never been better. The problem is that the competitive scene is almost dead now, because S2 forgot about it, I just hope HoNTour and recently announced events will get it back on the right track. LoL is not doing any better in the competitive deperment also, but they have Riot which could probably buy S2 any day they won't, so they can easily pump millions into tourneys to keep the competitiveness going.

So looking at the whole picture Dota 2 is the winner, since they still have the hype, they know the direction which they are going and they have Valve which has a big paycheck to support the esports scene until it starts growing by itself.

Dota2 do not need starts growing... they have dota1 playerbase to follow which is HUGE.

It is very idiotic thing to claim that company need to sponsor competive scene...
Tell me what company sponsored D1? No one yet it grows so large.
It is easy.
Good game = big playerbase = a lot of sponsors = competive scene.
Competive scene =/= game depths.
If there will be money, there will be pros. Always.

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# 23kustodian Jun 5 2012, 07:39 AM
QUOTE(Smash @ Jun 5 2012, 05:10 AM) *

It is very idiotic thing to claim that company need to sponsor competive scene...

They have to sponsor it, in the start at least, just look at what Riot, Valve and S2 did/are doing.

QUOTE(Smash @ Jun 5 2012, 05:10 AM) *

Competive scene =/= game depths.

Ok, "depth" is the wrong word I used, I was more thinking about skill difference in general, which is important if you want to have a competitive scene, because if the game doesn't allow the pros to be better than the viewers by a mile, then the game won't be interesting to watch.

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Game: Heroes of Newerth


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